Fees & Payment 

General Info


  • You can start your course at any time of a month (you don't need to start in the first week of a calendar month)

  • If you're bringing your own machine, please let me know beforehand. Also, if possible, bring the User Manual of your machine!

  • To make sure that your class is not forfeited, give notice 24 hours in advance if you cannot come.  You can then arrange an alternative date or move the class to the following week. 

Tuition Fees




R250 for 2 hours (1 two-hour session) or,

R460 for 4 hours (2 two-hour sessions) or,

R840  for 8 hours (4 two-hour sessions) or,

R1200 for 12 hours ( 6 two-hour sessions )

Scholars (sessons are 90 minutes once a week)


R 250 for 2 sessions

R 400 for 4 sessions

R 555 for 6 sessions

R 700 for 8 sessions

Mom-and-Daughter/Son (scholar)

R 1000 for 4 two-hour sessions

Please Note:

  • The tuition fee does not include fabric, thread, zips, buttons etc.  Please refer to the Materials Needed section at the bottom of this page for details.



Payment in full in advance - by EFT - payment confirms your booking. Please put your name as the reference.

Please sms or email me for bank details.

You can bring cash on the day you start, but no cash deposits please ( too expensive! ) 

How To Get Started:

1) Email or phone to let me know when you want to start

2) I’ll come back to confirm if there is space in the time you want to come

3) Once the starting date is confirmed, I’ll send you my bank details via sms (I need your cell phone number for that)

4) You make a payment with your name as reference.

5) Once payment is received your place is booked.

6) You start on the date and time as discussed.

Materials Needed



First project (cushion cover)

  • You don’t need to bring anything. The fabric etc. for this project is included in the tuition fee.

  • Bring the fabric for the second project with to your second class.                  


Second project (pyjama pants)

  • 2.3m or 2.5m (if you are tall) 100% cotton/flannel for winter

  • thread (same colour as material)

  • 1m elastic (2.5cm wide)


Third project (pyjama T-top)

  • 1.5m T-shirting fabric

  • thread (you can use the thread you used for pants if it the same colour)


Fourth project (pencil skirt)

  • 1.5m linen, denim, sateen or any firm fabric

  •  thread (same colour as material)

  •  20 cm zip (same colour as material)

  •  One button.

Four projects (estimate time to finish: 16-20 hours)
Cushion cover: 4 hours (2 two hour sessions)
Pyjama pants: 4 - 5 hours (2-3 two hour sessions)
Pyjama top: 4 - 5 hours (2-3 two hour sessions)
Pencil skirt: 4 - 6 hours (2-3 two hour sessions)


Fifth project 

  • Bring the fabric and pattern you bought during previous lesson (see Step Eleven under Course Content)


         Sixth project and after

         Choose any of my patterns or bring your own. I will help you lay and cut it out and guide your steps.