Meet me...


I love sewing and I would like to teach you... 

I am a mother of four children who are now all grown and out of the nest. At the age of ten my own mother taught me to sew and I have enjoyed doing so ever since. What I know of sewing has come from years of experience and hands-on use of this most valuable skill.


In 2013 I began teaching small groups of less privileged young people on weekends. What surprised me the most was seeing the satisfaction and delight on the faces of my students when a garment was finished. Even if the finished product isn't perfect, completing a sewing project brings them a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment. To see them growing in understanding and perseverance (taking it apart and doing it all over again), is touching and very rewarding to see.


Out of this has grown Stitch-4-Stitch. Seeing the joy and satisfaction it brings to the young students motivated me to see if others would be interested in learning the art of sewing also. I began giving lessons from my home and the response has been a pleasant surprise!


Sewing is an art form, a hobby and a very useful skill all at the same time. How often have I heard the delightful surprise of a new student at how fun and rewarding this is! Whatever your reason for wanting to learn to sew, I would love to teach you.