...and the skill of stitching?



What do we do

Have you always wanted to make your own clothes and don't know where to start?


Here you can start at the beginning.


I'll teach you from the basic first steps up to sewing evening wear and jackets.

What we cover
  • Basic sewing knowledge. 

  • How to make buttonholes.

  • How to make a zipper opening neatly.

  • How to read a commercial pattern and how to use it.

  • How to choose the right fabric for a garment.

  • Make fun clothes as well as formal wear.

  • Get assistance while sewing from a shop bought pattern.

  • And much more...

Who should come 
  • Scholars (as young as 12 years)  

  • Adults (any age and any gender) 

(You can use one of my machines or bring your own)

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